Gabriel-Director Rugashari Parents Secondary School
Undaunted, Gabriel has built a maize mill so parents can pay their school fees with maize. This has enabled  17 local people from the nearby refugee camp, to get a secondary education.
The school still has plans to complete the classrooms, complete an onsite girls hostel,  and fence the property for safety of the hostel students.

Now we need a western partner for Gabriel to see his vision through to reality. Could this be  you ?
In 2017, Gabriel visited David who co-founded the charity HUG in the Lubanda village of Uganda and learned how the children at his technical school paid their school fees through a loan of chickens, paid back in eggs. He repeated the same process with piglets, with a payback of 2 piglets in 12 months, so the project is self sustaining.
Gabriel was studying at URDT in Kagadi,  north west Uganda, when myself and two friends, Yuri and Rae, ran a workshop for would be entrepreneurs.
In the area around Rugashali village, near lake Albert, there was no secondary school for 5 kms.
Inspired by the workshop and a promised government grant for every secondary student, Gabriel built the Rugashali parents school, run by a community board.
This year the first class complete the 4th year, equivalent to o levels. But Gabriel needs help from a western partner, as the government have withdrawn the grant and the community ate too poor to pay the school fees.
Now Gabriel has built a chicken coup at the school to grow chickens from 2 weeks to point of lay at 4 months. And a pig pen. When ready to produce , the animals will go home to parent families and used to sustain school fees.
The loan has come from Laurence Webb's pension fund.
The school continues to complete the classrooms, complete an onsite girls hostel, and fence the property for safety of the hostel students.
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