Gratitude Journal
I’m grateful for a summer’s day, I’m grateful for my bed,
And I love those little butterflies that fly inside my head.
I’m grateful for a smiling face, I’m glad I can smile back,
And I love life’s banana skins that land me on my back! Read more
Will You Walk With Me
Will you walk with me, where the wild winds blow, Where the mountain goat makes its track, Will you sip the dew from a high, rocky ledge,Up country, to the far outback.
Will you wake with me to the kookaburra's call, As the bush hums to life with the dawn,Will you bathe with me against stream cooled rocks, Where the platypus hunts in the morn Read More
For the Old Grey Mare
When they made The Man from Snowy River film, they used the mountain cattlemen as the “cracks" for the hard riding scene - some said because they were the only ones skilled and crazy enough. When they finished the film they couldn't agree who was the best rider, so they he]d a race at Sheep yard Flat in the Howqua Valley - and the race was as tough as the men who raced it with their stock horses.
A letter to Fitzroy North Poem
You can tell our town’s tradition by the silo’s standing tall.Rupanyup’s a wheat town, but now there ain’t no wheat at all.And what’s a bloke to do all day when there ain’t no crop to cut,When drought sits like an overdraft and your only pub is shut? The shutting of our grand old pub was like the tolling of a bell,The heart’s been ripped out of our town, and most of the liver as well.We just keep on keeping on because we know no other way,Read More

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