I now live in an intentional community called moora moora (www.mooramoora.org) in the mountains above the yarra valley of Victoria, Australia. Here, 30 families of 67 people look after 650 acres of land , 80% native forest, 15% pasture for sheep and horses, 5% horticulture for organic vegetables, chickens, blueberries and grape vines.
So I have many friends, just like any normal African village, and we are self-governing.
We don’t use fossil fuels – we are off the electricity grid and use solar power.
Inside the main cottage
We ban introduced animals like dogs and cats that would eat native wildlife.’many of us are vegetarians.
Please have a look at www.mooramoora.org to see more.
We live up at 750 metres so it is 5 degrees colder than in teh valley below, and it snows in winter.
We all help each other.