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PoemsA letter to Fitzroy North Poem
You can tell our town’s tradition by the silo’s standing tall.Rupanyup’s a wheat town, but now there ain’t no wheat at all.And what’s a bloke to do all day when there ain’t no crop to cut,When drought sits like an overdraft and your only pub is shut? The shutting of our grand old pub was like the tolling of a bell,The heart’s been ripped out of our town, and most of the liver as well.We just keep on keeping on because we know no other way,Read More
Life_dreamGrow your life dream
What is your vision? Dream for yourself. Write it down. Put it by your bed. Now write down the steps to get you there. For example: – Complete school with A ’grade, find your way through university, complete university, become a doctor. Now write down the actions and the habits you need to reach each step. Dream big! The whole world awaits you. Dare to fail. When you fail, you learn, so there is no real failure, only advancement. Turn every setback into an advantage.Read More
Stephen_Okwaro_ThumbnailRead Stephen Okwaro's Story
Stephen came to live in the Matopeni slum when his father got a job at the quarry, a big change from his rural upbringing in butere, nesrvthe Uganda border, where allbis kuch and green.He had the good fortune to be sponsored through school, went to university and became a teacher. Instead if taking a safe government job he taught at a school started in the slum by his church.Read More

Rotary Volunteer East African Trip

You will spend 3 amazing days at Boston school in Matopeni, Nairobi, Kenya, 3 days on safari in the Masai Mara, cross part of lake Victoria, experience rural village life at Butere near the Uganda border; visit the source of the Nile, cross Uganda, track chimpanzees and be hosted at Rugashali school by Lake Albert and the Congo border. Read more

Writers and Poets Artistic Residence

I offer free accommodation and fuel for bona fide writers and poets to come up be here and hopefully be inspired. There is no expectation that you produce work while you are here, I do ask that you share a sample of your work and what you have learned with your fellow Moora Moora residents. An ideal term is one month, with a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks. Please bring your own food. The guest cottage consists of a bedroom, a lounge/writing room and a kitchen/bathroom in the making. For now The 2 cottages share a bathroom and kitchen and there is the opportunity to share community meals and work with others on shared workdays if you wish.Read more
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