Will you walk with me, where the wild winds blow
Where the mountain goat makes its track
Will you sip the dew from a high, rocky ledge,
Up country, to the far outback

Will you wake with me to the kookaburra’s call
As the bush hums to life with the dawn,
Will you bathe with me against stream cooled rocks,
Where the platypus hunts in the morn

Will you rest with me at the peace of the dusk,
as a red glow farewells the sky
Will you lie with me as full moon sails the night
And the shooting stars burn, then die

Will you share with me the simple things that you love,
So some of them can stir you too
Will you open your heart to the beauty around
And let in something tender and new

There’s a million paths our life can walk down
Many days to be filled ‘fore they’re done
And as you walk with me, where the wild winds blow
We can share our lives as one.