Stephen came to live in the Matopeni slum when his father got a job at the quarry, a big change from his rural upbringing in butere, nesrvthe Uganda border, where allbis kuch and green.
he  had the good fortune to be sponsored through school, went to university and became a teacher. Instead if taking a safe government job he taught at a school started in the slum by his church.
Times were tough and when the principal and vice principal left Stephen, as last man standing became headmaster of a tin shed school.
But he got one computer. Found the Nabuur website, and three Europeans, who have still never met, raised the money for a concrete primary school. Of then, ildiko from Finland , with klm,s wings of support are still the strongest supporters, after 20 years. Rsul Alberto Caracas volunteered, he told me, I bought 4 volunteers on a scouting trip. And Angela Clifford launched Kenyan kinship to fund the secondary school and s boarding hostel .
Water bores and water sales, and an irrigated garden provide the sustainability for the schools. The most amazing thing is the results, the primary school is now best of 48 schools in the district and this year the first full secondary class graduate.
And we are expecting 50% to make university instead of the average 50%.
The boarding students love the chance to study, they rise st 4.30 am and finish at 8-30 pm. Their desire to succeed makes it all worthwhile. In 3 years a slum with little primary education will have 15 university graduate ‘s, and the expectation of what a slum kid can be will be changed forever.